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Ayurvedic  Facial (60mins)

If you have dry, aging, combination, or sensitive skin, an Ayurvedic facial treatment will ensure you get the best treatment for your specific skin type. The herbal ingredients gently and thoroughly cleanse skin, leaving every complexion smooth, soft, and moist, without causing blemishes to erupt.

An Ayurvedic facial massage is not only profoundly relaxing but deeply restorative, instilling a sense of peace and joy that pervades the entire body. This effect occurs because the gentle pressure of the facialist’s fingers stimulates the 11 marma points located on the face. Marma points, which are similar to the acupoints defined by Chinese medicine, are vital energy centers that affect our whole body. Activating the marma points on our face helps with everything from stress management to the release of toxins.

The Kansa Wand is able to work deeply into the muscles and fascia of the face. Particular attention is paid to problem areas such as the eyes, brow line, jawline and mouth to lift, firm and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Skin elasticity and microcirculation is improved for younger looking skin and a brighter, clearer complexion.


During a Kansa Wand Face Massage the Marma (energy) points of the head and face is massaged, conferring therapeutic benefit to the entire body, including:

This beautifully restorative treatment will leave you feeling deeply relaxed and looking and feeling years younger.


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