Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique, often referred to as “laying on of hands” that aids in stress reduction, relaxation and healing. Reiki helps restore harmony to the mind, body and spirit. Life energy flows through our physical bodies along pathways called chakras. When energy flows freely, we experience health and well-being. Conversely, when the flow of energy is disrupted or restricted, we are more vulnerable to illness.

Reiki involves the transfer to energy from the practitioner to you.

It works by flowing through the affected parts of your energy field, infusing them with positive energy and helping to improve your body’s natural ability to heal itself.


Reiki is a powerful yet gentle treatment which has many beneficial results, including deep relaxation, feelings of peace and well-being, increased energy and reduction of side effects from chemotherapy and surgery. Reiki is incredibly beneficial and works in conjunction with other traditional and alternative therapies.

Reiki is a stress reduction and relaxation technique that works best when you are most comfortable. During the Reiki session you will remain fully clothed and lie on a heated massage table. Soothing music and a peaceful environment will help you relax and quiet the mind. I will place my hands lightly on or above your body’s energy centre. During the transfer of energy you may experience warmth, coolness, mild tingling and/or deep relaxation.

Reiki Training

Reiki 1

This one day foundation course is based on the attunement which opens you up to the Reiki energy. Once this attunement has been performed you are able to channel Reiki for the rest of your life. Not only can you use Reiki on yourself but also on friends & family.

The Reiki 1 course covers the following:

  • History of Reiki

  • Five Reiki Principles

  • The Gassho Meditation

  • The attunement

  • Self practice/21 day cleanse

  • clearing energy

  • personal preparation

  • Japanese Reiki techniques/working on others

  • Reiki in everyday life

Each student receives:

  • A Reiki 1 manual

  • The 1st degree Reiki certificate

Animal Reiki

f your animal is happy, peaceful, relaxed, in good health, calm and stress free then so will you be.

All animals, whether they be pets, farm, utility or wild, benefit from the healing powers of Reiki which works on the whole animal to restore the body's natural balance by flowing directly to the source of any imbalance.

It helps heal on a mental, physical and emotional level, hence maintaining your animal's health and allowing them to be happy, peaceful, relaxed, healthy, calm and stress free.